Natural Cancer Drugs? Here's the answer

Herbal Centre: So far, we know that cancer can only be treated with chemo therapy. However it seems that this perception should be removed and disposed of as far as possible. Why? Because there are actually Natural Cancer Drugs to kill cancer cells whose power FIFTY THOUSAND TIMES fold more potent than the chemo therapy. This natural remedy is a fruit that is familiar with Indonesia

Rarely People Know Why? Because one of the world conceal research findings on Natural Cancer Drugs is tightly-dense, they want to fund research which released a very large, over the years, may return in advance plus generous benefits in a way to make Synthetic Graviola tree as raw material medicine and the medicine sold to the world market very sad .. many people died in vain, pathetic, because the malignancy of cancer, while the giant companies, drug makers with a turnover of billions of dollars to close this

This fruit trees, in brazil named "Graviola", in Spanish "Guanabana" English language "soursop". In Indonesia, called "buah sirsak". Spiny fruit is soft, white flesh, sweet-sour / acid, eaten with the skin or the way open for the juice. Usefulness of fruit soursop gives effect anti-tumor or cancer is very strong, and medically proven to cure all types of cancer. In addition to Natural Cancer Drugs, soursop fruit also acts as an anti-bacterial, anti fungi (fungi), effective against many types of parasites or worms, lowers high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system

When the experts from the Health Science Institute at the news miracle Graviola, they began to do research. The result was astonishing. Graviola tree proved to be an effective cancer cell killer. The National Cancer Institute began the first scientific research in 1976. The results prove that Graviola leaf and stem wood able to attack and destroy the evil sel2 cancer. Unfortunately, these results only for internal purposes and are not published. A study published by The Journal of Natural Products declare that the study conducted by the Catholic University in south korea, mention that one of the chemical elements contained in Graviola, able to select, discriminate and kill colon cancer cells with 10,000 times more powerful compared with adriamicin and Chemo Therapy. The most striking discovery from Catholic University in this study is Graviola can select and kill only the evil cancer cells, while healthy cells are not touched or disturbed. Graviola not like chemo therapy which can not distinguish between cancer cells and healthy cells, then the reproductive cells (such as stomach and hair) were killed depleted by chemotherapy, causing negative effects such as nausea and hair loss

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Soursop fruit research evidence as Natural Cancer Drug:
* Able to attack the cancer cells with naturally safe and effective, without nausea, weight loss, or hair loss, as happened in chemo therapy
* Protecting the immune system and prevent deadly infections
* Patients feel stronger, more healthy during the treatment or cure
* Effectively target and kill the bad cells from 12 different types of cancer, including cancers: colon, breast, prostate, Paru2, and Pancreas
* 50,000 times stronger in slowing the growth of cancer cells compared with Adriamicin and Chemo Therapy commonly in use
* Unlike chemo therapy, this juice selectively hunt down and kill sel2 evil and NOT harm / kill healthy cells

One of the largest drug companies in America with a turnover of billions of dollars doing extraordinary research on Graviola tree that grows this Amazon jungle. Apparently some parts of this tree, the bark, roots, leaves, fruit flesh and seeds for centuries into a cure for the Indians in South America to treat heart disease, asthma, liver problems (liver) and rheumatism. the company disbursed funds and human resources are very large in order to conduct research and various tests. The results are astonishing. Graviola scientifically proven as a cancer cell killing machine. his next ... the story of Graviola nearly ended here. Why? Under federal law the source of natural ingredients for the banned drug / can not be patented! Companies facing a big problem, try very hard with enormous costs to make sinthesa (cloning) of Graviola is to be patented, so funds on research and various tests can come back, and even reap huge profits. But these efforts are not successful. Graviola can not be cloned. Companies gigt finger after billions of dollars spent on research and various tests. dream to earn greater profits gradually faded, research and test activities are also stopped. Worse yet, the company closed the project and decided not to publish the results of this research

Seventeen Secret Tips For a Woman Get Pregnant Naturally Without Drugs

Herbal Centre: Tips directions ejaculated sperm, Position wife, Style Intimate Relations, Alumni fertile period after period, related to the frequency of the week, the influence of the female mucus, and other ways that women Pregnant Fast. Orgasm wife, also said to increase the chances of getting pregnant fast. tips and other natural surefire way below can be for those who want to immediately get pregnant and have a Son, of course accompanied by prayer also

This is a discussion seventeen how his secret tips that a woman or wife get pregnant and have children. The following tips are natural tips results of the survey in various places, and also the results of a poll of many couples who have been successful istsi have children. I hope this article can help you who are very much like to have anakm but still difficult to get pregnant

Seventeen Top Secret Tips to Get Pregnant Naturally:
1. Effect of Coffee on female fertility
a study of 9,000 Dutch women, found that women who drank more than four cups a day cut the chance of conceiving by about a quarter, or 25 percent. caffeine stimulant present in coffee, damaging the transport of eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Other studies also mention the caffeine in coffee can disrupt egg maturation. so for women who are anxious to get pregnant, should avoid coffee

2. Position Seks
Not all seks positions can give the same opportunities to get pregnant fast. tips on how to position that allows for the sperm during ejaculation can quickly swim towards the fallopian tubes, is the husband's position at the top (missionary). "Having seks with a man way above -missionary position, making the sperm cells present in the position of '' ready to fight '," said Paula. Thus, the position of the husband of the above is related to the way the position is recommended that pregnant soon

3. lie down
There is a tips that when a woman put her legs to a position higher than the head, the way it can be tried in order to get pregnant quickly. "A great way to lie down for 10-15 minutes after sex, but you do not need to lift both legs," says James Goldfarb, MD, Director of the Fertility Clinic Cleveland, Cleveland, USA. Should one of these tips empty the bladder before sex so that you are not in a hurry to the bathroom afterwards

4. Increase Fertility Husband and Wife
Some of the following foods contain nutrients and vitamins that are good. For tips on how to keep your wife's womb fertility, eg sprouts, avocado, chicken, and milk. While the tips on how to improve the quality of the husband's sperm, eg fish, eggs, meat, etc. with a healthy diet, will increase the chances for faster pregnant

5. Enjoy seks
When seks is done just because you and your spouse pursue a fertile period for getting pregnant fast, then it is ascertained pleasure seks will disappear. Start enjoying the seks is not an attempt to way in order to get pregnant quickly, but also because you both enjoy and are comfortable doing. Try some variation of the position and location to improve your mood both

6. Keeping Frequency seks
one of the tips means used to aid fertility seks is many-many! But in fact, having seks in this way does not necessarily increase a woman's chance of getting pregnant fast. For, if a tad too frequent ejaculation, the possible number and quality of sperm would be reduced

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Secret Thirty-Five Benefits And Benefits Of Garlic

Herbal Centre: The benefits of garlic not only as a spice in cooking course, there are many other things that can be utilized from Puth onions mainly to health. Plant with the Latin name Allium sativum is a plant that originated from central Asia to the height of about 50-60 cm and belongs to the family Liliacea. Keep in mind, garlic has the optimal properties if consumed in its raw state, fresh with a clean white color. Garlic choose who the tuber is full, soft, free from damage and black spots and do not have buds

Efficacy and Nutritional content of garlic very much, but it is rarely known to the general public. Nutrient content of garlic is very high when compared to other types of onions, following a distinguished nutritional content contained in garlic
1. Rich with Vitamin C
2. Minerals containing K, Ca and K
3. Containing Fe and Vitamin B

Garlic also has properties that are no less great, including:
1. Inhibit deterioration of brain and immune system
2. Helps inhibit the aging process. Inhibit cancer cell growth
3. Consuming garlic, cancer risk can be reduced
4. Garlic is consumed regularly in a certain period can help lower cholesterol levels
5. Anti-cholesterol substances in garlic called ajoene help prevent blood clots
6. Garlic can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
7. With a softer effect. Garlic contains vitamin A
8. Garlic contains vitamin B
9. Garlic contains vitamin C
10. Garlic contains calcium
11. Garlic contains potassium
12. Garlic contains antioxidants. Garlic contains carotene and selenium
13. Consume 2-3 cloves of garlic a day, will avoid the possibility of heart disease
14. Cure high blood pressure
15. Relieve stomach ulcer
16. Lowering cholesterol in the blood
17. Increases blood insulin for diabetics
18. Knocking out the free radicals that disrupt the immune system
19. As an antidote (detoxifier), which protects the body from various diseases
20. Increase appetite when eaten raw
21. Maintain stamina
22. Containing antimicrobial, antithrombotic, hypolipidemic, anti-arthritis, hypoglycemic, and also has an activity as anti-tumor
23. Preventing hair loss
24. Reduce acne on the face
25. Prevent and treat flu
26. Treat skin diseases
27. Weight control
28. Healing the wounds splinters
29. Heal canker sores
30. Protects against cancer
31. Antidote
32. Treat indigestion
33. Lowering blood sugar
34. Treating toothache
35. Treating sick boil

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Eight Secret Benefits of Japanese Ants Mandatory You Know

Herbal Centre: Ants, insects that this one is easily available at various places. Even the phrase 'There is sugar, there are ants' is no longer valid because it was not only attended sugar ants. But almost all of the food or objects also frequently visited by ants. Why Japanese ants are very popular today? This is because the benefits of Japanese ants believed to cure various kinds of diseases

Japanese ants which has the title 'Air' by the Japanese society turns believed had many benefits for the human body. Japanese ants itself classified as insects faithful people of Japan for their loyalty to the friends group. Do ants this one also has a special advantage? Well, Japanese ants have many benefits and it also has a lot of ants be bought - traded

Japanese society itself is already very familiar with the many benefits of Japanese ants so they are often sold as a by - by of the cherry country paada offered to the tourists. Regarding benefits, the Japanese ants do contain some substances that enzymes can also help cure or treat disease

a. Relieve heart disease
Japanese ants also believed to treat heart disease. Diseases that can attack a wide range of ages is indeed a scary disease because it can eliminate a person's life suddenly

b. Regulate cholesterol levels
Cholesterol is needed by our body but not a few of us are consuming too much cholesterol. Such as air-fat foods or seafood. Japanese ants can help arrange good for people with high cholesterol or normal

c. Relieve diabetes
Ants was delighted with sugar but Japanese ants is believed to help regulate the amount of sugar in our tubuuh especially for people with diabetes Diabetes alias. They will menghilankan blood sugar berelebihan

d. Regulate blood pressure
Other benefits include regulating blood pressure in the body. Substance enzymes in Japanese ants will help regulate blood pressure, such as high blood pressure that will continue into other diseases

e. Giving extra vitality
For those of you who have solid activity for example, requires extra energy in berkegiatan routine, Japanese ants can be a vitamin in the body which increase the vitality of both men and women. So it will increase stamina and strength in the body

Ants Japan for Health Benefits Ants Japan for Health Benefits (3) Ants Japan for Health Benefits (2)

f. Alleviate liver disease
Patients with liver disease such as liver can also consume ants Japan as a drug. Japanese ants are believed to alleviate liver disease or at least do not make heart disease relapse

g. Treating gout
many who experience gout with age. Uric acid is caused by numerous factors and are predominantly due to lifestyle. Japanese ants will overcome this disease and also make sufferers will rarely feel pain in the affected joint gout

h. Treating Stroke
Japanese ants also have benefits to help treat the disease Stroke. Of course, depending on the seriousness of the disease Stroke

Contained Benefits Of Lime Leaves

Herbal Centre: Generally we do not know the benefits of the properties of lime leaves, but it is a lot of benefits and the content contained therein. Naturally this lime helpful untu cough medicines, eliminate phlegm (mucolytics), improving the urine (diuretic) and sweat, as well as excellent in aiding digestion. The content contained in lime is Linalool, Limonene fly oils and flavonoids, such as Poncirin, Hesperidine, Rhoifolin and Naringin. On fruit ripe lime contains Synephrine, N-methyltyramine, Citric Acid, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamin A, B1 and C. While it contains citric acid can prevent the recurrence of Pasian after kidney stone surgery

In terms of treatment herbal leaves and lime fruit that has a foreign term Citrus aurantifolia also doing well, with more nutritious plants, meaning the leaves and lime fruit was already widely used for traditional medicine. But many of us are less aware and lack of knowledge of the importance of natural healing, then with the hope that this review can shed some light and approach even an invitation to return to the sphere. So the positive side we are going to be more awake and preservation of nature is because many people who care and will need a variety of plant species on earth this divine

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Benefits lime leaves
a. Lime leaves can be used as a natural larvicides to kill mosquito larvae
b. To relieve toothache due to cavities do gargle with young lime leaves and seal the cavities with citrus leaves the shoots
c. Lime leaves are also used as an ingredient in perfume natural
d. The main benefit lime leaves are a rich aroma enhancer in cooking
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