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Herbal Centre: Know whether you are for the health benefits of papaya leaves? Papaya Leaf turned out to have many benefits for the body. Do not misunderstand behind a bitter taste properties turned out to save so much. We know if the papaya fruit is also good for the body, but the leaves are also not to be underestimated .. List Benefits Papaya Leaves For Health
Many people would know the sweet papaya fruit its flavor, but very few people know the eficacy and Benefits Of Papaya Leaves. because it tastes so bitter people do not want to eat it, but the leaves of papaya has excellent benefits for the health of the body and can be used to treat many diseases

For those of you who want to know the efficacy and Benefits Of Papaya Leaves, please can be seen below:
* Acne medication
For those of you who are having facial acne, especially for women who always pay attention to beauty .. Papaya leaves were able to treat it is to make a mask
take 2-3 papaya leaves are old then drying and mash until smooth. Add one and a half tablespoons of water, then used as a mask
* Improving digestion
Papaya leaves contain a chemical compound karpain. This substance can kill microorganisms that often interfere with the function of the digestive
* Appetite enhancer
Take a fresh papaya leaves the size of your palm, then add a little salt and half a cup of warm water .. then blended. strain the water and drink
* Treating dengue
take five leaves, add half a liter of water and boil. Take her water if it is only a quarter of it. first aid course this is only so if the situation does not improve immediately to the doctor immediately
* Treat menstrual pain
Take one sheet of leaf, add tamarind and salt. Then mix with a glass of water and boil. after a cold drink the potion papaya
* Anti cancer
from several studies that the benefits of papaya leaves can also be developed as anti-cancer, Because it has a milky latex sap
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